Online Casino History

Casino History is dedicated to providing great information on internet gambling history as well as the history of gambling. You’d be surprised to know that the infinite online gambling industry has in fact a very short history and its emergence has been quite recent.

The fact is that it has been only 15 years since the first online casino came into being. Going back, you can see the first casino was established in the year 1765 in Baden and it almost took 200 years for the first online casino to emerge. Based on the resources there are three major factors responsible for the origin of online casinos.

The first being the development of gaming software which made its presence felt in the land casinos during the 1970s. The second major factor was the emergence of the technology to connect different computers to a nodal server where the gaming software could be accessed. This powerful technology was called internet. The third factor was the creation of a regulatory body which came around the year 1994.

Even though the technology for online casinos was present since the beginning of the internet, the actual gambling started in the year 1994. The set up for online casinos legally happened after the Free Trade & Processing Act was passed in the Caribbean and from this time the development of casinos increased at rapid speed offering revenue which was estimated to reach $17 billion by the end of the year 2009. The first legally established online casinos Gaming Club and Inter Casino opened in the year ‘95 and ‘96.

Microgaming was the first software developer and provider to emerge and the company offered variety of online casino games which could be downloaded and played sitting at a place of your convenience. This was followed by the development of various gaming applications by companies like Cryptologic and Microgaming which brought great revenue and potential to entrepreneurs involved in this industry.

From this point there was nothing that could stop the development of the online casinos which came up with new and innovative ideas which improved the gaming experience. The software and graphics capabilities for online casinos developed at rapid pace offering users with new things to explore day by day. This improvement gave rise to numerous online casinos and the number is still growing.

The internet acts as the life source of online casinos without which they cannot exist. The broadband technology has brought in users from different parts of the globe. Players can play real time poker with lively and exotic settings, they can chat with one another while they are playing, view game statistics of the various games available on the internet and they can do just about anything and everything they would do in a land-based casino.

Today online gambling has become more of a profession than being a hobby and to protect consumers casinos have developed commissions and watchdog groups to govern online casino fairness and includes governing bodies like the Canadian Kahnawake Gaming Commission which was established in the year 1996 making the internet and online casinos safe for those millions of users who visit to play the online games.

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Las Vegas Casino History


Las Vegas is in fact the mother city of all gambling and casinos. It’s an entire city dedicated to the cause of endless entertainment, luxury and of course big money gambling. Thegambling history of Las Vegas casino is a very interesting one. What started out to be a dusty desert has now grown to be one of the most glorious entertainment cities on the face of the earth.

Sin City has seen steady economic growth over the years. Nevada was the first city to legalize gambling in the United States. The El Rancho Casino was one of the first casinos to emerge in the year 1941. Seeing the success of the El Rancho, several other casinos popped up in the following years. The famous Flamingo Casino with its iconic pink neon flamingo situated outside the city limits on the Los Angeles highway was opened to public on New Year’s Eve in 1946.

In the year 1950 Las Vegas witnessed the emergence of hundreds of casinos which came into existence in the form of resorts which housed all things related to gambling. These splendid casino resorts included the Sahara, the Tropicana and the Riviera. Betty Willis created The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, and it was successfully erected in the year 1959. Las Vegas soon became synonymous with glamour and high fashion when a huge amount of investments came from the tinsel town of Hollywood. A-list parties and gala events were becoming more frequent in Las Vegas and soon the city became the perfect weekend destination.

Las Vegas burst into activity and more and more casinos and casino resorts were being constructed to accommodate and entertain guests from all across the country. Later in the 1960s many corporations began to invest in this industry by buying the casinos and reshaping them to become bigger and better. During the 1990s, 18 new venues for gambling were built and many were built with themes revolving around the world’s major cities.

The outskirts of the city of Las Vegas known as the ‘Strip’ which is around 4 km of length was an ideal location for the establishment of many of the well know Vegas Casino hotels which includes the Palms, Venetian Casino Resort, Circus Hotel-Casino, Casino Royale & Hotel, Flamingo Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Bally’s Las Vegas, Excalibur Hotel-Casino and many others.

Now Las Vegas has hundreds of elaborate resorts, theme parks and many other attractions which have brought in thousands of tourists, visitors and gamblers from across the globe. Today, The Las Vegas Strip has changed in a rapid manner, and as time passed, the golden era of casinos were demolished and reconstructed as the modern casino destination.

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Casino History

The origin of gambling is unknown but it was first believed to have started in China in 2300 BC. Since those times historians have recorded the emergence of gambling across the globe (see our casino history timeline page). There are several tales associated with gambling from various cultures like the Ancient Greeks and Romans to Napoleon’s France and Elizabethan England.  It is believed that every child in the Roman Empire was taught to gamble and throw dice. The credit of the invention of the card games goes to the French which came around the year 1387 and the first full deck of cards was printed in the year 1440 in Germany by Johann Gutenberg.

History has this example to support that gambling was around in 1020 AD when the King Olaf of Norway and King Olaf of Sweden decided upon the ownership of an isolated area of Hising by making use of a pair of dice. In this peaceful means of decision King Olaf of Norway won the ownership of the area. Scandinavians are a very peaceful bunch!

The origins of gambling in France date back to Emperor Napoleon’s interest in the card game called vingt-et-un which is now known as Blackjack or Twenty-one. And though the French take great pride in their game of Roulette, research has shown that the French people may have adopted the game from the Egyptians. Roulette history goes back along way.

The English are not far behind on their journey into gambling. History shows that the English developed Hazard, which was a predecessor to the dice game of craps and the modern poker games which evolved from a combination of games influenced by the Persians and the Italians.

This poker game further developed with the introduction of betting by the French and the development of the concept of bluffing by the British. These elements have become the source of excitement that attracts players to the game of poker. The present casinos gambling games are the incarnations of the olden day games. The casinos which emerged accommodated certain types of gambling activities and it was played in a particular venue. The casinos were most commonly found or built near places where there were public activities. Some casinos were hosted in places where there were entertaining events like music concerts, stand-up comedy, concerts and sporting events.

One of the casinos which were established in the year 1683, named as Casino di Venezia, is still functioning and the pride goes to the city of Venice, Italy. America has been a country where casinos have grown and thrived for centuries. The casinos were known as saloons. These saloons were influenced by the major cities of America which includes New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago and San Francisco and these cities are still considered as the favorite casino spots. These saloons were the place where travelers could land up for some relaxation, entertainment, drinks, good company and of course great gambling.

It was in the early 20th century that America banned gambling. Gambling and casinos were outlawed by the State Legislation and social reformers of the time which became one of the greatest disappointments for the professional gamblers.

In the year 1931, gambling was legalized in particular states in the United States which included the state of Nevada, and Las Vegas, which became the first city in the history of America where gambling was legalized. Read more about the Las Vegas casino history on this site. In 1978, gambling was allowed in Atlantic City in the state of New Jersey which is now the second largest gambling city in the whole of United States. Apart from these famous gambling avenues there are other places legalized to promote gambling which include Mississippi, Tunica Resorts, Gulf Coast region and in an around Biloxi.

In the mid 1990’s the online casino history had started. The internet allowed the casino industry to expand and become more global giving players the advantage of playing from home instead of having to go to a land based casino. The future of gambling goes hand in hand with technology and it can only grow.

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Gambling become mobile

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more pass to the world of casino and gambling . In the next five years, the number of users playing for money through their mobile gadgets to increase to 100 million, according to analysts Juniper Research. Overall, 2018 will be using a smartphone to bid , buy lottery tickets and play mobile casino more than 164 million people.

The greatest growth will occur in North America – in the region of online gambling was outlawed a long time , but now some states legalize them . Major mobile players will be those who are already interested in such entertainment. According to analysts Juniper Research, they are simply changing the platform and will move from the desktop to smartphones or tablets.

Experts say that the mobile gadgets are well adapted for gambling, because they are constantly with his own . This means that you can buy a lottery ticket or bet at any convenient time . Another important factor is that you can play without getting up from the couch , and without departing from the favorite TV shows.

Themselves online casinos have caught this trend and adapt their resources to mobile devices. Because of this they expect that within a few years half of all its revenues will give them a mobile audience . Analysts expect 2015 gambling through mobile phones will already be market worth more than $ 48 billion

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Mobile casino

More recently, one could not imagine the possibility to spend a couple hours at your favorite poker game outside of casinos. But nothing stands still. Now play in the casino was made possible on the Internet. Now, you can while away an hour or so with the help of mobile phones.

Of course, no new gadget can not match with a trip to Las Vegas. On the computer does not always have access to. What to do if you really want to play roulette, or spend time at the poker table? The answer was the invention of mobile phones, enabling a world of excitement in any suitable time for you. All you need to do is download the casino to your mobile.
In gambling, though such service is new, but already very popular among a large number of users. A plus is the variety of games offered. Thus, the mobile casino offers most popular roulette, blackjack, keno, baccarat, various slots, as well as the most popular and adored by all Texas Hold’em.

Among the many positive aspects of mobile casino can provide accessibility. You can enjoy the atmosphere of excitement in any place, wherever there is cellular. Poker is now available in the public transport, and during the long wait in the cafe or at the station. Apart interesting game time you get a nice bonus good opportunity to earn extra money. The opportunity to use both real and virtual money adds another plus in the treasury of beautiful properties analogue mobile poker.

When you first decided to apply to the new service in the world of gambling, then take the advice of an experienced user. Simply register via computer, make a down payment, it is of interest to you to download the game, and them there, as noted above, a great many. Of course, the rank required such recommendation can not be attributed. We base only on what to register and gain a variety of links easier on my desktop. Remember also that if you intend to gamble list of mandatory acquisition will increase by one point – requires payment card or its equivalent.

The results of the research in the field of gambling, it became clear that, contrary to popular opinion, the mobile casino are remarkable demand. Only in 2009 Juniper Research income was more than $ 2 billion. According to analysts, 2010 promises to increase that figure to $ 5 billion. Unfortunately, the world is not so much the companies developing online applications for mobile phones. Altogether there are about eight of them, only some produce a quality product that meets the requirements of mobile devices. Honorable mention Spin3,, Zone4play , Chartwall Games and 888 casino.
So, the world is filled with successful mobile entertainment applications, open the door to the casino to anyone wanting a convenient time and in a convenient location.

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Gambling theory

Statistics has been used and applied in gambling theories since decades now. There are several applications and theories which have been developed over the years which tell us exactly how to make the best decision even when there is only little information available. Information theory is considered to be a formal expression of the gambling theory which is why it is so often applied to several types of games of chance.

Given below are a few very well known theories which are often applied to gambling:

  • Kelly betting

Kelly betting is also known as proportional betting and it is an application of the information theory which is often applied to gambling. The theory had been developed by John Larry Kelly Jr. The theory was developed to help the gambler maximize the expectations from his capital rather than maximizing the profit on every bet.

This is especially important because if the player focuses on just maximizing the profit on each bet he would be tempted to gamble all his money on a favorable bet. If he/she looses all the capital would be lost. According to Kelly it is the capital which is more important and on which the long term profit depends.

  • Side information

A bit is the entropy in any event where there are two possible outcomes. If we knew the outcome beforehand we would double our bet on the winning outcome. According to Kelly no matter how complicated the situation is we can still use an optimum strategy, which is known as the Kelly Criterion to increase our capital with any amount of side information that we can obtain.

Side information can affect the actual event itself along with our knowledge about the outcome. The information we have will always affect the decisions that we make. If we know which horse is going to win in a race we will always bet all our money on that horse even though it is just a rumor. It is thus very important to evaluate the information based on which we make our decisions.

  • Expected gains

There is an important relation between the information that a gambler has and the expected growth in his capital using that information. The theory is known as expected gains and it helps analyze the best betting strategy in such situations. The expected gain is calculated based on the initial capital, the capital after the bet is made and the amount of the side information which the player has about the bet. This equation is applied when there are no minimum bets or any transaction costs. When either of these two constraints is present, there is another important concept which comes into play. There is a probability of the gambler’s ruin which must be faced by the gambler.

While these theories and applications might seem to be very complicated and not applicable in real life, the fact is that several gamblers do try to apply them in real life situations too. These theories had been originally developed to be applied in gambling but over time they have also been adapted and changed to suit other situations in life.

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Casino games of skills and chance

In casinos there are several games which are purely random which means that the event is completely independent than the other events like the toss of a coin. These games are known as games of chance. In casinos, games like bingo, keno, slots, craps and roulette can be considered as games of chance. The probability of a particular outcome of these games will always remain constant no matter how many times the game is played. For example when you roll a dice the probability of a particular number appearing will always remain 1/6

Player implications

What this means to a player is that there is nothing that a player can do in order to win the game. The outcome will always remain the same no matter how skilled the player is. What this means is that the smartest thing to do is to understand the odds of any event before placing a bet on it. For example, in the game of craps, a player will have a 11% chance of rolling 2,3 or 12 but the probability of throwing 7 is 17%. There is a greater chance of throwing 7 than the chance of crapping out. For this reason, there is a better chance of winning on a bet on pass line rather than betting on crap spot.

In any game, whether it is a game of skill or chance there will always be some anomalies which will show up during the game. This is when the streaks will surface. However, there are no patterns in these streaks since they will always be random outcomes. The odds of these streaks will never chance and they will always depend only on luck. When it comes to games of chance there is no guaranteed way of winning since it all depends on chance.

Player implications in games of skill

In games of skill however, things are quite different. The knowledge, experience and the proficiency of the player will have a great impact on the odds of winning the game. in games like poker players can definitely do something in order to increase their chances of winning at the game. With experience and knowledge a player can become more proficient and can increase the chances of winning in the long run.

For example in the game of poker there are a number of strategies which a player can learn and apply to the table in order to increase the chances of winning. With enough experience, a player can learn how to read the tells of the opponents while being able to hide his/her own tells. For this reason, practice and knowledge of games of skill will always pay off in the long run.

Even in the games of skill a certain degree of luck will always be involved. However, understanding and knowing the difference between games of skill and chance will improve your level of awareness and will help you make better decisions on when, where and how much to wager which will give you the best chance of winning at these games.

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Games of chance vs. games of skill

When it comes to gambling there have always been several different controversies. One of the biggest one has been whether a particular game is a game of skill or chance and why a few games are considered to be legal while the others are not permitted by the law. The line between games of chance and games of skills is quite thin and sometimes it does become extremely difficult to categorize these games.

The legal implications

According to the law there is a slight difference between games of chance and games of skill. And it is based on this difference that it is decided whether or not a particular game should be allowed or not. For example the game of poker is considered to be a game of skill even though it is not a sport. In poker the outcome of the game depends mainly on the skills of the players. However, chance too plays a small role and even though a player might be very skilled it does not always guarantee a win. For this reason, it can be said that poker does have an element of chance but since it is mainly a skill based game it is considered to be a game of skill.

The difference

There are two main differences between games of chance and games of skill. The first difference is who the player is playing against. When a player is playing against the house, it is a game of chance. When the player is pitted against other players, it is considered to be a game of skill. Also, if an individual can prove that a particular game involves the use of skill like strategies, statistics or math along with a factor of luck or chance, the game would be allowed and would be categorized as game of skill.

There are several groups which are currently lobbying in order to get it classified as a game of skill. It is still widely debated whether or not poker is a skill based game or not and in many cases online poker is considered to be illegal. Several have even modified the game in order to make it more skilled game. For example some online poker sites have eliminated the luck of draw element. For this reason, the skills of the players have become predominant in determining the winners of the game.

Such sites are allowed legally for operating in most US states and are allowed to operate. The US states where the skilled gaming is prohibited are Illinois, South Carolina, Montana, Florida, Connecticut, Vermont, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Iowa, Delaware and Arizona.

However, though sport is considered to be skilled based games, sport betting is illegal. In betting the participants place a bet on an event against the house and thus it is placed in the category of chance games. For this reason, it is not possible to legally bet on any type of sport events.

It can be said that the battle over which games are skilled based games and which ones are not will go on for quite some time till a proper method of resolving this issue is thought of.


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Poker has been a widely popular game ever since it had first been introduced in the US. The roots of the game go back to centuries and in the US poker had first gained popularity in the West. Ever since then the game has managed to intrigue and interest players from all over the world. What makes poker so interesting is that it involves a lot of strategies and also a hint of luck which is why it has always been debated if it is actually a game of chance or not.

The legal implications

Whether or not poker is a game of chance will have several important legal implications. It can determine whether poker is legal or not. Several states consider games of chance to be illegal and there are several anti-gambling rules which apply to such games. It is not surprising then that definition of poker is quite widely questioned in the courts.

Identifying games of chance

Quite a lot of games are quite easy to categorize as games of chance or games of skill even though they might have a hint of both. For example sports games like football is a game of skill since it is all about the skills of the players. However, chance too has an influence on the game. There are things and elements outside our control which can influence the outcome of any game like the weather if the game is being played in an outdoor stadium. However, football will still not be considered as a game of chance since it is possible to change the outcome of the game in most cases if the players are skilled enough.

Sports are all games of skills and it is easy to categorize them as that. However, the games where chance plays a larger role are a little difficult to classify. For example in backgammon the rolls of the dice can determine the outcome of the game. However, there is still some amount of skill required for playing the game well. Over the time, it is possible for a player to beat the opponents with the help of skills. In games like blackjack it can be said that they are games of chance since even though they do involve a small amount of skills, the outcome of the game is still widely dependent on chance.

If for example the player follows all the rules and plays the perfect game while the dealer too follows all the rules, the outcome of the game will depend completely on chance.

Poker overview

When it comes to poker it is very well known that the game requires a large amount of skill. Better players will be able to outperform those who are not skilled enough. However, in poker skill still does not guarantee victory every time. The cards themselves have their say in the outcome of the game. In poker the player might be able to gain some advantage through experience and skill but there is always a chance of being defeated if the cards which are revealed are not right.

However, it is still argued whether or not poker qualifies as a game of chance or not.

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Craps is one of the most popular games of chance. It is a dice game where the players have to bet on the outcome of the roll of two dice. The players have to either play against the casino or against other players. The game requires almost no equipment which is why it is very widely played even outside of the casinos.

History of craps

The game of craps had been developed from an old game named hazard from England. The origins of the games are quite complex and according to several scholars it dates back to the Crusades which had been later influenced and modified by the French gamblers. The version of craps as we know it today in the US casinos had been brought first to the New Orleans by a player named Bernard Xavier Philippe de marigny de Mandeville. He had been a politician and a wealthy scion of landowners. The game had first been known as crapaud and had been spread through the African American community first.

Game rules

While playing craps against the casino, there could be one or more players at the table. The casino would cover all the bets made by the players at the table and the odds of the payout would be set. The players have to take turns to roll out two dice. The players’ who rolls the dice is known as the shooter. The other players bet on the dice rolls of the shooter. There are several rounds played through the game.

The player who wants to be the shooter will first have to make a bet on the don’t pass line or the pass line. The player who would be next in turn can refuse the dice and can continue to bet on the rolls of the other players. The shooter would then be presented with several dice and can choose two or more out of those.

The shooter will first have to make a come out roll and if he/she rolls 2, 3 or 12 it is known as a craps and the round will end there. A come out roll is when the number 7 is rolled and will result in a win for the bets which were placed on the pass line bets. The round will continue for the shooter till a point has been established. The point numbers 4 to 10 if they are rolled out on the come out, then they are considered as a point.

Any player who wants to play craps without having to play the role of the shooter will have to check the table to see if the dealer’s on button is on any point numbers. If it is off then it means that the table is in its second round. Either ways, the player must check with the dealer. All of the single and multi roll bets can be placed in either of the rounds. Between the dice rolls there is a period for the dealers to make the payments and to collect the losing bets.

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